Mom vs. Driving

For the last several years, I’ve been driving mum around when she needs to run errands during the week. She doesn’t drive. She’s never driven. Does not have a license. She used to walk everywhere, but after a couple of cars almost knocked her down, I just felt it would be safer. Plus, it gets me out of the office for half an hour or so and it helps her get things done faster.

So about two to three days a week, we’ll pop out to a bank, the Post Office, or perhaps CVS. Definitely somewhere to get lotto tickets.

Today was two banks. As we were leaving the second bank, she said we could go out to get lotto tickets tomorrow or Wednesday — and then switched topics as something about driving came on the radio that caught her attention.

“Oh, that reminds me! Prince Philip is going to give up his driver’s license.”

“I heard something about him being in an accident. I’m surprised he’s driving at all.”

“Oh, he loves driving, but after that accident they won’t let him drive any longer. And he is 90, after all. He probably shouldn’t be driving, anyway.”

“Well, yeah, but beyond that, I’m just shocked that any member of the Royal Family just drives around town. It seems bizarre to me. What about security? Don’t they have drivers?”

“I know! I wouldn’t want to drive. If I had it my way, I’d never drive. I’d have a chauffeur to drive me all over when I needed to go somewhere.”

“. . . You DO!


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