Let me state, for the record, in my opinion Fred Loya Insurance (a.k.a. Loya Casualty) is a fraud. In my book, this so-called insurance company is just a pack of ripoff artists. My car was hit last week by someone insured with Loya Casualty. She pulled away from the curb without signaling or looking, straight into my car, just as I passed by where she was parked. There’s no way this can be anything but her fault. Luckily, I was going around 15 mph at the time. No injuries, just some pretty bad dents in the front passenger-side door. I keep getting told that they are “investigating” or “researching”. They tell me they need to reach the woman who hit me, but will not answer or return her calls. I think what they’re researching is a way to avoid paying for the damages. I’m really pissed off. Next stop, California Department of Insurance to file a claim. Then I’ll probably take it up with a lawyer, as well. These slimeballs are pissing me off. My car should be FIXED by now.

Loya Casualty (Fred Loya Insurance) is a fraud

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5 thoughts on “Loya Casualty (Fred Loya Insurance) is a fraud

  1. cyndin says:

    Hey Kevin, the absolutely best “stick” to use in getting results is your own insurance company. They have a vested interest in making sure the other company pays, since otherwise they’ll have to pay (which they don’t want to do, even if it means they get to raise your rates). If that doesn’t work, then, yeah, take it further. Good luck!

  2. kevviemetal says:

    Yeah, I’m doing that. My adjuster is out until tomorrow. It’s been a week since my car was hit and I’m just getting sick of driving around a banged-up car that I can now hear a lot of wind noise in–not to mention the fact that the alignment feels out, now, and my traction control system lights up at least once a day. Grrrrr.

  3. Patrick twohig says:

    Your insurer may waive the deductible an then seek payment from those guys. When I was rear-ended my insurer just waived the deductible straight up and got the payment from the other company. I just took it into their shop and it cost me zero out of pocket.

  4. kevviemetal says:

    They finally approved, but are telling me they have to have their appraiser look at it (my insurance, AAA, just said to drop it off at any body shop I choose) before work can start on the vehicle, which will take up to 72 hours. WTF?

  5. […] been three weeks since my car was hit. Nearly two weeks since Scam Artist Insurance gave preliminary, but not complete, approval to get it fixed. I was hoping to have it last Friday. […]

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