Hello world!

So, here it is. My blog. I’ve started others (and–quite obviously–abandoned them). We’ll see how this one goes. I am at a time in my life where I think I need to start writing out all the things that are going through my head. Well, no. Actually, it would be far more honest and accurate to say a very select few things that are going through my head. While some people may not think so, I do have a filter. Less so when speaking. Or when alcohol is involved. But a filter nonetheless. Also, I do understand that there are some things that would be . . . unwise to put in writing.

This may end up being a rather boring blog if I keep that filter on a high setting.

Sure, if this were an anonymous blog I could just say what I want. Change the names (and probably a locale, date, and time) to protect the guilty, and everyone is off the hook, right? Okay, maybe not. And so here I am.


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